I spent a little over an hour up at The Spit on the Gold Coast this morning and the conditions were incredible.

By 9AM you could barely find a parking space near the kiosk and dive stairs as visitors and locals filled in to take on the incredible recreational offerings that this completely unique area has on offer.


My son Kyal and I did a drift dive westward along the southern wall of the Seaway, not an easy task for a 5-year-old I can tell you but he stays pretty much glued to my arm or my back the whole way and is becoming quite the fish species expert.

We spotted some fantastic fish, the visibility was around five to eight metres (16 to 25 foot) and as we eventually approached the dive stairs there were simply dozens and dozens of people who had the same idea as us today – a little bit of a traffic jam in the water and on the stairs – such is the success of the stairs’ design and implementation.


Kyal copped his first ever jelly fish sting and it was right on his backside ha! He thought is was pretty funny once he accepted that there’s not much we can do about it. I got nailed in the face but these types of jellies are not that painful, more of an annoying sting with a bit of an itch for half an hour.


We left the water right on the high tide mark, a nice high of 1.63 metres. Before we took off for home we had a quick scout around the place and it was probably the busiest I have ever seen the place for a non-event or non-public-holiday day. The sun was gorgeous, the birds were out and busload after busload of international tourists were lining up to absorb and enjoy this slice of unique paradise we have right in the middle of our city.

No other city in Australia or comparable city anywhere in the southern hemisphere has a shore dive site like this right in the city – it’s free, accessible and amazing as it is!

We drove down the north and northwest side of Doug Jennings and it was good to see there were practically no campervans taking up any space along the busy parts of the shoreline on a Sunday – I think we counted two total. One clown had parked his van parallel in the nose-in section right by the VMR tower, taking up three spaces, but I think he was copping a mouthful from some people when we were leaving. We did notice a couple of vans here and there hanging around on the southern part of DJ park, but there was no mess and they were not causing any problems whatsoever for anyone.


The traffic was crazy, both in and out, and this is also the first time we have encountered the hideous bumper-to-bumper full stop-and-crawl along Waterways Drive heading out so early – it was only 10AM! The Sundale Bridge south was already at a crawl as well.

There’s no way they can solve this problem by shifting a few intersections about and adding a bridge if they put in five massive high rise towers on The Spit and a whole gambling and luxury private segregated resort in there. It’s pretty clear that the traffic jam will end up twice as big, twice as often and it will jam up Southport permanently. There simply isn’t enough space to put that many new bedrooms and cars in on The Spit without it being a total traffic catastrophe.


All in all an incredible morning for the two of us in one of the most amazing places on earth and we were home in time for morning tea! Cost of this adventure was just a few dollars worth of petrol.

See the rest of the pics below and enjoy! Don’t forget to follow Save Our Spit on Facebook, visit their website and register your email, and protect this area from irresponsible private development and bogus cruise terminal ideas!