One of the bigger floods we’ve had over the years, although I think there were a couple when I was a kid in the late 1980s that were bigger.

I’ve seen a lot of pictures over the last few days, some very cool images equally juxtaposed with some pure idiocy and stuff from people out where they shouldn’t be, looking to get near danger and otherwise be in places they probably shouldn’t be.

It’s important we get the news, and by news, we get the photos and video to help us truly know what’s happening and the impacts on communities around us.

I opted to not join that crowd and stayed at home, indoors for most of it, and just did a couple of quick trips a few hundred metres from my home to shoot a couple of pics.

Pretty good flood for Weedons Crossing, the river would have gotten a solid clean out which is probaly a good thing in the long run.

We lost property, our back fence and the council retaining wall holding our property together collapsed, we’ve let council know and hopefully they’ll at least get the wall back together so we can repair our fence.

We hope the insurance companies come in strong and back the people here, some people lost a lot more than we did, but we are glad to hear there was so little, almost nil, loss of life or injured people.


The first time ever I’ve seen an actual barrel breaking perfectly in Nerang that was not made by the wake of a boat. The Weedons surf break was small but pumping on the Thursday!
Pretty sure these guys had no idea how close to potential danger they were – this was before the water got right up and they were thrashing about over the concrete block and concrete boulder section on the down side of the causeway. Above the causeway was the pipes which were sucking like whirlpools of death. They would have been a few inches from dry hulling on the concrete.

That’s some good parenting right there … not! No lifejacket for dad and he leads his son into the most dangerous part of the river just inches from the concrete with absolutely no clue about it. A minute before they came roaring up the crossing a massive log came flying down, submerged with just an inch or so above water. Parent of the year. Scratch that, please excuse my language, but this guy with no life jacket is fucking top-level moron leading his son into a lethal spot. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good water challenge as much as the next person, but burning up the river on shitbox jetskis with MY OWN CHILD in conditions like this is not on my bucket list. Bloke appeared to have less than no clue about fundamental water safety.


The water actually topped a foot or more over the roof on the overnight high tide. This from Friday morning.


Solid flood, that’s for sure


You can see the high water mark where the flotsam is in the foreground. This is probably the highest the water has been here since before the bridge was even built


Keen for a peddle? Maybe a paddle? All the same today!


Captain Kyal was on hand ensuring we all kept a safe distance from the raging torrents. The flood indicators were long gone underwater.


Weedons Crossing, Nerang River, getting WIDE!