What a fun little lens, especially when you consider the cost of it and the probable presumption that it would be useless – I am loving this thing!

It doesn’t promise much, and I beat the digital pavement to find one for as cheap as I could on Ebay.

A month later I had all but forgotten I ordered it until it arrived yesterday.

Naturally, it has the obvious limitations, all manual and some extreme vignetting and aberration but that can be actually used to create some cool effects. I think this will be a good lens for super arty portraits.

The F stops have no clicks, so it might be useful for some video later down the track too, might shoot a music video on this next and see what we can make.

The bokeh is this unusual kind of almond shape which is really interesting.

Lens is apparently F1.4 25mm and for a micro 4/3 sensor, it came with a cool little macro tube adapter also.